From Business Demand to Solution Delivery

Any Business Demand is in one or other way translated into effective change within the organisation.

To ensure companies reach this goal, we provide expertise by describing and improving the different components of the business, as there are Business Processes, Methods and Technology (refer to Enterprise Architecture).

We make sure that every technological project is correctly integrated in the overall enterprise strategy.

Business Processes

  • Potentially every business process within the organisation is affected when answering to any business demand.
  • Such business demand is to be controlled and processed in a streamlined way. To do so, we support your organisation in the application of Project Management techniques, under the supervision of a mature Program- and Portfolio Management organisation which we align with each other (refer to PPP: Project - Program - Portfolio).
  • IT Processes have a major role in this process suite (refer to IT Processes), resulting in the delivery of software and hardware releases into managed IT environments (refer to Release Management).
  • Our Business Process consultants have a proven knowledge of these business processes, and are able to relate them to each other to ensure that they all come together to a smoothly operating business operation.  
  • Our process improvement approach is based on years of experience in this domain (refer to Process Improvement Approach).

Methods and Technology

  • Many SDLC methods (System Development Life Cycle) exist that can be used by an organisation to effectively develop an information system (refer to SDLC models and V-Model).
  • We advise your organisation in which method to use, and we can help you to successfully apply this method.
  • The implementation of an information system involves acknowledged Methods and Techniques to be used.
  • We are experienced with methods like RUP, CBD, Agile Software Development methods like Scrum (refer to Scrum) and Extreme programming, Information Modelling and Project Management (PMBOK and Prince2).
  • The essential techniques we use are e.g. UML, Normalisation, Information Modelling techniques, planning techniques, etc.


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