Our Company

At Devenyn & Partners, we believe in doing things differently.

We believe in delivering workable solutions for our clients; in making things better, more efficient and more productive.  One thing we don’t believe in is wasting time - yours or ours. That’s why we’re refreshingly honest, direct and to the point.  We’ve no wish to trade pointless business jargon or hide behind complex terminology: the ideas, processes and solutions we offer really work.  Whether you’re looking to transform your organisation or to simply refine certain processes, Devenyn & Partners can offer effective and pragmatic real-world solutions. We’re full of good ideas and we’d love to share them with you - making things better is what we do. We’re proud of our reputation for solving problems, implementing new strategies and technologies and restructuring organisations.

To achieve top results, you need top consultants in place - it’s that simple. We’ve nothing against junior staff - everyone’s got to learn the ropes somewhere after all - but at Devenyn & Partners, that’s not how we operate. Much of our work involves resolving complex problems  - problems that require all the experience and expertise we can muster. For that reason, every member of our team is a senior interim management consultant with a proven track record.

Our management professionals have their own unique attributes and skill-sets, but together they form a formidable network with extensive experience in various fields across all sectors. With each project we take on, we promise to analyse the situation in depth, communicate a viable solution and then enact the resultant strategies to ensure long-lasting and sustainable change. In essence, we’re problem solvers.  Because we’re not involved in the day-today running of your organisation, we’re able to take an objective look at how it operates: what’s working, what could use improvement and how we can help facilitate this.

Firstly, we’ll run a thorough diagnostic to identify the root cause of the problem. We’ll then develop a pragmatic plan to address this issue.  Change will be implemented via a series of achievable steps, until we arrive at our objective. Although we’re here to provide leadership and ideas, we’re not here to serve our own interests. Thus, you’ll find no egos among our network of senior interim management consultants. Our ethos is based on one of humility and of putting the client’s needs first.

Finally, although we only employ top consultants, you’ll find our fees are as welcome as our methods. We charge substantially less than some of the big name consultancies (and we should know because we used to work for them). So that’s who we are and how we operate.  Now it’s our turn to ask: How can we help your business flourish? Tell us what you’d like to achieve and we’ll devise the simplest solution.  It’s what we do.