The services we provide are geared towards one key objective: helping your business prosper.  We identify problems and develop and implement proven solutions.  Our senior interim management consultants have extensive experience of working within the IT and business sectors.  While some of our services are specifically designed to assist the CXO, we also serve other senior management levels within the business community.

Our focus, in particular, is on providing the following services:

Interim Management
The interim management solutions we supply are ideal for crisis situations or addressing a continuity problem within the department. Such issues need to be swiftly identified and cleared up to prevent the organisation from floundering and losing momentum. This may occur in a transitionary period, such as during a takeover, or when implementing new IT systems. In the temporary or long-term absence of a CIO, we can assume that position, or work in a supporting role alongside the CIO to deliver such projects. We work closely with your management team to help them harness the technology available to them and use it to fulfill company goals.

Our interim management service is also an ideal means of dealing with human resources problems that may be difficult to address in-house. As external experts, with no previous ties to your company, we are able to swiftly and directly tackle the problem before it deteriorates. In some cases, there may be a continuity problem for a number of key positions at management level.  We can effectively fill this void by establishing an interim management to initiate a series of organisational improvements. Where required, we can restructure the department and ensure that it is working harmoniously and efficiently before handing it over to a new internal manager.

Devenyn & Partners are often called upon to engage in continuous improvement projects within an existing department. We specialise in pinpointing the areas in which working practices can be improved, to boost efficiency and impart cost savings. When assuming a governance role, we will typically begin by drawing up a short diagnostic to identify current problem areas. We will then work with your management team to help implement the recommendations that we have made. The hands-on approach we favour encompasses a coaching model that includes training for key personnel to help them implement the solutions we have recommended and adjust to new working practices.

Process Management
Our process management service is designed to make things clearer; to eliminate inefficient working practices; to crystallise the role that every staff member has and to clarify the procedures they should follow. We specialise in helping organisations where ad hoc working practices have developed which may be counterproductive or inefficient. It may be the case that roles and responsibilities between stakeholders are unclearly defined, or there may be unnecessary duplication of duties. The processes we model are intended to impart clear guidance and to define the roles of all personnel. By establishing clear and concise process documentation, a cycle of continuous improvement can be initiated and maintained.

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Change Management
Every organisation needs to implement change on occasions, by incorporating new working practices, new ways of thinking and the adoption of new technology.  When change happens - be it incremental or substantial - it needs to be performed in a manner that will not adversely affect the organisation’s business model or disrupt staff. Our management consultants are adept at providing the leadership that is necessary to implement such change. We will address areas of resistance and impart guidance to ensure that change is adopted across the board.  By demonstrating clear leadership, we can help teams understand how new processes and technology will aid them. The result?  A harmonious working environment that is beneficial for everyone.

Our management experts provide simple solutions to complex problems.  We develop and implement proven solutions. To find out how we can help your organisation grow, call us today on +32 473373488.